Wind power resource

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To determine optimal ways of renewable energy development it is necessary on the national level to have a general assessment of potential made of renewable energy sources on the assumption of existing at present stage technological possibilities of their use. Practically in all the CIS states such work has been done or is being done at present.
The CIS countries are representing a world region with huge wind potentials, but where so far wind energy plays only a marginal role. According to Renewable Market Watch total cumulative wind power installations in CIS countries have reached 586 MW (0.58 GW) at the end of 2014, a very small share of the global cumulative installed wind power capacity of 337 GW in 2014.
The total wind power potential of CIS region according to World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) is estimated at 486.2 GW. Looking at the above number whereas only 586 MW (0.58 GW) of wind power capacity is installed by the end of 2014, means that less than 1 % of the explored wind potential is utilized in practice.
CIS countries have significant renewable energy resources potential as the wind energy is prevailing source. It occupies 16.4% world territory where about 4.4% world population live. The part of CIS has about 20% of world oil supply, 40% of natural gas, 25% of coal and 10% of electric power production.
However, situation at CIS countries wind energy market is about to change in positive growth direction. Besides Ukraine, which is undisputed leader by means of installed wind power capacity amongst CIS countries, Russia and Kazakhstan also have their ambitions to take serious share from this market. The latest update information about situation of wind power industry in CIS state you will find here.

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