2 signs showing you’re in love

With the discoveries of researchers in anthropology, neuroscience, or psychology, such as Helen Fischer from the University of Rutgers (United States) or Anik Debrot from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), we learn that signs and “fuels” the feeling of love (which is distinguished from the fact of “loving”, because one can love by no longer being in love) are not all of the order of the instinctual. Empathy and authenticity, for example, are markers of this, just as much as an attraction for toronto women seeking man or the desire for exclusivity. What are the main markers showing you are in love?

1. You are authentic

Showing yourself in your true light is more important to you than showing yourself in your best profile. Favoring real discussions, self-narratives indeed gives the other the feeling of being connected to the most intimate part of him. The stronger the desire for authenticity, the stronger the desire for engagement of women seeking men toronto. The relationship is thought of as a living organism that feeds on truth. This is why, with you, the need for intimacy outweighs the need to seduce, because the important thing is what happens over the long term with this partner and not another. Even if you are not aware of it, communicating without trying to give yourself the right role reinforces the feeling of being loved, chosen for who you really are.

2. You only have eyes for him/her

You meet more beautiful, more beautiful, yet your gaze is detached, observer. Because you don’t care about others, only your partner matters. It’s him or her and no one else. According to various studies, paying attention to “potential” sexual partners shows a decrease in emotional commitment and level of satisfaction with life as a couple. The researchers also note that the feeling of love last longer in those whose gaze is focused on their partner: he or she has this something that “speaks” to them enough so that in his presence, their desire and their feeling of love awaken. Not picked up by others.

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