Autonomous Cars October 4, 2019

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Drivers “not quite ready” for driverless cars says AA president

Smart Highways (press release)Oct. 1, 2019
AA president Edmund King told a driverless cars seminar of top insurance and technology experts that drivers’ strong cultural and social attachment to driving …
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Tesla Ramps Up Quest For Driverless Cars With Acquisition …

CleanTechnicaOct. 2, 2019
Don’t think of self-driving cars as autonomous. Think of them as horizontal elevators. No one thinks it’s strange to get on a modern elevator, press a button, and …
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Top companies hiring for autonomous vehicle talent

App Developer Magazine (press release) (blog)Sep. 30, 2019
When news about autonomous vehicles filled headlines a few years ago, it was characterized by bold claims: that entire lanes would be dedicated to hands-free …
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Millennials Exodus From Big Cities Will Be Accelerated Via …

ForbesOct. 1, 2019
Assuming that our future includes the emergence of true self-driving cars, it is useful to contemplate what the impact of driverless cars will have on the big city …
What Does the Future Hold for Self-Driving Cars?
The Motley Fool CanadaOct. 1, 2019
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Tesla’s ‘Smart Summon’ Will Fetch Your Car—Sometimes

WIREDOct. 2, 2019
One large hurdle for Tesla’s self-driving ambitions is driving speed, says Rajkumar. For a summon feature, the vehicle’s sensors only need to be able to “see” a …
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‘It’s going to be a revolution’: driverless cars in new London trial

The GuardianOct. 3, 2019
Dr Graeme Smith, Driven’s programme director and Oxbotica’s senior vice-president, said the project was making “autonomous vehicles a reality on our roads”.
Driverless cars appear at exhibition to show they can operate …
Local SourceTaxiPoint Taxi NewsOct. 3, 2019

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Most Believe Self-Driving Cars Will Outperform Human Drivers …

Robotics Business ReviewOct. 1, 2019
OK, self-driving car developers, the clock is ticking. A new survey released today by ANSYS shows that 71% of consumers believe that autonomous cars are …
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Toyota, Subaru team up to develop electric vehicles …

Fox BusinessSep. 29, 2019
Toyota and Subaru announced that they will work together to build electric vehicles, develop driverless cars and acquire even more stock in the others’ company …
Toyota raising stake in Subaru to 20%
The Detroit NewsSep. 29, 2019

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Waymo and AAA team up to educate kids on self-driving cars

CNETSep. 30, 2019
Adults may be making all the decisions about self-driving cars and their associated regulations, but Waymo believes kids should have a say in the blossoming …
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Valuation of Google Self-Driving Car Unit Slashed By $70 Billion

InvestopediaOct. 1, 2019
Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) Waymo self-driving car unit has received a major blow after one Wall Street analyst cut his valuation of the business by $70 billion.