Cryptocurrencies April 12, 2020

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Is Technical Trading in Cryptocurrency Markets Profitable?

CointelegraphApr. 11, 2020
In two recent studies, I investigated the technical trading rules in the cryptocurrency market and profitability of technical trading rules among cryptocurrencies …
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Bitcoin IRA™: Cryptocurrencies Lead Dramatic Price Gains …

Yahoo FinanceApr. 10, 2020
Bitcoin is now trading 75% higher, around $7,300, up from its lows of near $4,000 on March 12th, also known as “Black Thursday” for many cryptocurrency …
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Crypto Payment Network Partners With ID Screening Service

CointelegraphApr. 7, 2020
Cryptocurrency network TemTum is partnering with identity verification service … is no conflict regarding the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies transactions, …
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Decrypting cryptocurrencies

EurekAlert (press release)Apr. 2, 2020
It means cryptocurrencies can be considered a serious and full-fledged financial instrument. The concept of cryptocurrency has settled in general public for some …
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India’s crypto investors feel virtual coins are key to more jobs …

QuartzApr. 2, 2020
This could well be cryptocurrency’s moment in the sun in India. … Indians concerned about the lack of jobs believe cryptocurrencies could create more of them.
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South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Project ‘ICON’ Unveils …

Finance MagnatesApr. 10, 2020
South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Project ‘ICON’ Unveils New Novel Consensus Algorithm. ‘LFT2’ is designed to improve the performance of blockchains.
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Cryptocurrency market update: Major cryptos trade in tight …

FXStreetApr. 4, 2020
Major cryptocurrencies are staying relatively quiet on Saturday and struggle to break out of their daily trading ranges amid a lack of significant catalysts.
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Cryptocurrencies and its usage in Africa

NairametricsApr. 6, 2020
Cryptocurrency is basically, a digital currency based on an innovative technology called the blockchain. Its users range from small businesses to process …
Which Are the Most Crypto-Friendly Countries in The World?
Coindoo (press release) (blog)Apr. 6, 2020

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Cryptopia Users Win battle, Court Defines Cryptocurrencies …

The Coin RepublicApr. 8, 2020
Cryptocurrencies are “property”. Today, Cryptopia moved to Twitter to reveal the verdict by Justice Gendall J. The exchange highlighted that as per the …
Cryptopia Users Will Finally Get Their Cryptocurrency Back
Coin Idol (press release)Apr. 8, 2020

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Cryptocurrencies lose steam after monday’s bounce

FXStreetMar. 31, 2020
On Monday, cryptocurrencies experienced a nice bounce from the short-term bottom made during the weekend, but the volume was low, meaning a lack of …