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Address: Genslerstraße 84
Short Business Description: The TT Racing Championship was organized most of the year since the start, yet it faced a couple of hiatuses as well, based on the unfortunate events of Global Wars. Amid the time of the First World War, the Tourist Trophy races discontinued from 1915 to 1919 and resumed again in 1920. There was again no races during the time of World War II from 1940 to 1945.
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Specialized Gear for Isle of Man TT 2019

Why Savitar Pro TT?
Performing on the Isle of Man TT, Savitar Pro TT race suit is the apparel with enhanced safety modifications. It comes with TPU co-injected molded reinforced titanium, and level 2 adjustable protection. Made of strong Kangaroo, Monaco Treated leather. It is the best you can have for soft and comfortable riding environment and maximum dexterity.

Savitar Pro TT has pre-curved structure and meticulously elasticated leather for a right racing position. It proffers a perfect fit, and easy mobility — localized micro perforation for the ventilation and maximum performance during your ride.

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Province / State: Berlin
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