adult plantar orthotics

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Podiatric clinic focuses on the health and beauty of your feet. Several treatments such as podiatric treatment, biomedical examination, gait analysis, podo pediatrics, podiatry of sport and physical therapy, minor surgery, orthotics and laser treatment are administered at your feet, to make them friends who accompany you in all your walk. In this way, various cases of pathology affecting the feet have been treated by the intervention of the Podiatric clinic. These are dermatological pathology, nails and biomechanics. In the same way, the vascular and neurological problems, the diabetic foot as well as the pathologies of the feet in the child.

The health of the feet, the optimization of these feet and their beauty, the podiatric clinic rises to the summit of a remarkable experience in the various care of those friends and parts of our body which help us in several movements, entertainments and works. Thus, our professionals in the podiatry clinic have identified several pathological cases in our charge books and are granting various services.


Many treatments are redone by our podiatrists and assistants in order to take good care of your feet. Among other things, podiatric treatments on the one hand, aims to provide you with comfort, proceeding by debridement of calluses and corns, and the cutting of your nails and their thinning. In addition, you will receive a complete assessment of your condition and full treatment measures will be suggested. Biomechanical examination and gait analysis, podo pediatrics, sports podiatry, physical therapy, minor surgery, orthotics and more, are some of the range of care found in our podiatric clinic. In addition to these treatments, several cases of pathologies of the feet have been listed by our professionals as part of our research, with a view to a perpetual improvement of our services.

Some podiatric pathologies identified.

These pathologies are subcategories of foot damage according to sampling during research conducted by our podiatrists. These are actually dermatological cases that are among others corns and callosities, tinea feet, plantar warts, hyperhidrosis, psoriasis and eczema. For the pathology of the nails, it is ingrown nails, mycotic, nail psoriasis, black nails or traumatized. Biomechanical pathologies refer to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, flat feet, hollow feet, hammer toes, sprains and fractures. The vascular and neurological, the diabetic foot and the pathologies of the feet in the child, are all some cases enumerated and which were object of treatments in our podiatric clinic.

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