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400-1390 Prince of Wales Drive
Welcome to Authentication Legalization Services Canada (ALSC). As Canada’s first document authentication and legalization service, the Apostille equivalent, our focus is international document certification. Our familiar corporate blue and orange colours and choice of service speeds, such as our Priority guaranteed same day or 3 day Standard and 10 day Economy, have become the industry standards, often imitated but never duplicated. Using our 5 easy steps we make your documents global. Contact the experienced experts in international document certification.at ALSC 1-800-336-1132

We understand that doing anything in a foreign country can be difficult, let alone having the correct paperwork to do it. Authentication Legalization Services Canada (ALSC) served its first client 25 years ago, helping to make sure they got it right the first time. Since then we have served individuals and corporations from all across Canada and around the world, giving them an international document expert on their side. It has been a pleasure not only saving our clients money but also their time, the most valuable benefit of using our service.